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We Have Helped Over 1,000 Veterans Just Like You
to Receive up to £4000 of Funding For Hearing Aids And Equipment

Veterans Hearing Fund

“Upon reading about the British Legion scheme for ex-servicemen I was somewhat sceptical. However, after having had an extensive test with Samantha at Hear4u that identified the need for specialist hearing aids and been supported by them all through the application process I am now a convert. The new aids have greatly extended my hearing capability and I am learning to use them in more ways – I.e. Music. If you are ex-service and have a hearing problem I would certainly recommend Hear4u.”  

Phil Brown

Veterans Hearing Fund

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) was launched by The Royal British Legion in 2015 and it supports veterans of all services with hearing loss providing them with equipment and therapies to improve their hearing health and wellbeing. The fund, generated from the Libor fines totalling £13 million over a five years period, comes as a result of The Royal British Legion’s research and campaigning both through Lost Voices and the 2015 Manifesto which included veterans’ access to hearing aids as a key policy recommendation.


Helping Veterans Hear Better For over Two Years

Over the past two years, we have successfully improved the hearing of over 1,000 vets and what is more, we offer a fantastic aftercare service. We will continue to offer this much-needed facility to all our Veterans in such a professional and efficient way that more successes will be achieved over the coming years. Do you qualify as a Veteran or are you not sure? Please contact our friendly staff who, with a few simple questions, can answer that for you and help put you on the road to a completely new and exciting life-changing journey. Want to know more?